"Music theory is exactly that, THEORY! My job is to teach you that theory so that you can have the knowledge and skills to apply it to any song of your choice. Whether you want to compose your own music, read and analyze sheet music, or even improvise, my curriculum will get you there!"- Cynthia Cunningham/Founder & CEO



Cynthia Cunningham is the founder and director of Burgundy School of Music. She currently teaches piano and voice. She has always been involved in music. She comes from a musical family and has been singing her entire life. She started playing instruments at the age of eleven. Over the years, Cynthia along with those around her, grew to notice her natural talent for singing and instrumentation. This natural talent led her to Berklee College of Music where she received her Bachelor's Degree in Music. After she completed her program at Berklee College of Music, she began teaching.  She gained different teaching experience by teaching in different settings such as private lesson schools, community group schools, and even summer camps. She also received her Master's Degree in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University. after completing her Master's program, Cynthia launched her first private music school in 2016 named Lydian Lessons in conjunction with a business partner. Despite the successful launch of the school, both decided to part ways. This is how Burgundy School of Music came about! Cynthia has developed a specific structure and curriculum for her lessons that provide a balance of fun and quality education.  

Though Cynthia's personal favorite genres of music are R&B and Pop, she teaches a wide variety of genres to her students, based upon their interests, goals and passions. Cynthia believes in teaching the theory of the instrument, and then applying it to the genre of the student's interest. Her goal as an instructor is not only to simply teach music, but to use it to teach lifelong lessons such as confidence, leadership, and independence, while simultaneously creating an emotional outlet promoting emotional health.


Chris Zemba

Chris Zemba is a professional guitarist and singer originally from South Eastern Connecticut who in the early 2000's took off to Las Vegas Nevada to pursue a career in professional music and performance two months after his 21st birthday. This made him one of the youngest working professional musicians in the Las Vegas circuit at that time. He has since returned to Connecticut to pursue a career in music education as well as general musicianship. He currently teaches all levels of guitar and beginner/intermediate bass for Burgundy School of Music.

Chris' style reigns from heavy influences stemming from Blues, Rock, Country, R&B and Jazz. Some have described Zemba's unique, diverse, and stylistic approach as being a result of his strong passionate roots in sub-genres such as, Soul-Jazz, Blues Rock, and Jazz-Funk, making him able to teach a variety of genres and adapt to the needs and goals of many students.

As a free-lance guitarist, over the years Zemba has toured nationwide and performed with various premier R&B, Rock, Classic Rock, Country, and Top 40 bands, in addition to a variety of Motown showcase acts. Some of these bands include The Late Shift Band, The Chris Zemba Band, and The Red Hot Horns which is a CT/MA based funk band.

Because of Chris’ extensive experience as a professional musician, he is the perfect teacher for any student who wants to learn different styles as well as any student who has the desire to work in group settings.